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Okay...Okay..Oh god..
I'm dizzy, feels like my head is going to explode, I'm hopeless now-can't move my body from my bed
I've got this headache since Thursday- just call it Enter Wind a.k.a Masuk Angin and a really really bad FLU
My der doctor said I get my "gejala typhus" back and that's not a good news, whenever i'm ill I will lose my weight around 5 or 6 kilos, well, nothing's bad about losing your weight but everyone always want to lose their weight on a right and proper way. CORRECT?
Okaayyyy so why I decided to post these up?
#1 I'm alone - lonely-very lonely in MY HOME
Nobody to chat with
#2 I'm forbidden to drink and eat any cold thingy, mention : ice cream
#3 No TV-VIDEO-MOVIE-GAME-XBOX while I'm sick
#4 Thta guy YOU-KNOW-WHO-HE-IS didn't reply my message so technically I got bored,upset, and any other confusing feeling

what I need when sick

But then, I got nice JPEG or GIF from chibird.tumblr about sick box and those are really really things what I need =3

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