oohhhhh shit

Why oohhhhh shit?

First. Cause something damn wrong is happening to my smartphone.
The music and Xperia gallery apps can't show any of my file. DAMN
But when I use TTPOD-the music files play well and when I use QUICKPIC-my pictures show up perfectly.Which mean I should use those apps to view my pictures and listen my tracklist-and it takes lots of battery power. DAMN

Second. Today is Sunday.
But guess what? Books everywhere.

Well,it's no big deal with the books but what book it is,is the big deal.
IT IS MATHEMATIC BOOK. #thunder-plays-along
Yayyy Tomorrow I'll have Math Final Exam  #deep-inside-my-heart-i'm-crying-in-pain
The question is not that hard-'cause we just have to sit and read it BUT the answer is the real hard one-we have to write it down and hope we'll get the right answer - which we don't particularly know WHAT IS THE RIGHT ANSWER.
I wonder why we should solve those math problems while we have our own to solve? #that's-your-duty-as-student-BAKA
Anyway,my parents not home now that's why I can open my blog,bet they will be home soon and when they are - I have to face those REAL MATH BOOKS #such-pain-in-the-ass

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