I made it myself :3

Okay,I can honestly tell you that, I'm 16 and never ever had a boyfriend before. I have plenty of male friends but boyfriend, no,double no. To be honest, yes, I had plenty of crushes over the past few years. I didn't have the courage to take a step forward. So, yeah, nothing happened. LOL! Everytime I meet someone new, they can't believe if I tell them that I never had boyfriend. They will go "Are you kidding? There must be someone, right?". Well, sorry to disappoint you, no.

I don't wanna rush into any relationship because relationship requires responsibilities and commitments. Relationships look sweet when they're fresh and new,as the time goes by all those things will fade and all there's left is how you going to love the person for the rest of your life despite all their flaws. It's easier for people to break up if they lose interest in the other person. But for me, to love somebody. it is either give your all or don't give at all. You try to hold on no matter how hard the situations are, because you love the person for who the person is not how the circumstances are. I won't want to go running around telling people I love them just because I am lonely. It's better to be lonely than to breaks someone's heart. You never know, maybe it is the only thing they have.

I would be lying if I say I don't feel anything whenever I see couples doing sweet things together. Seeing them together, sometimes I wonder when can I have my chance. 
If someone tell me that they are interested in me and I have no interest in them. I will tell them straight away that I have no interest rather than flirt with them. Short pain is better than long pain. If you don't tell them straight away, they'll fall deeper and deeper and it really dang hurts once they know the truth. You can play with anything but someone's heart. I don't like players. If you have many admirers, that's fine. But if you think having all those people fell for you is like giving you permission to play their hearts, that's not fine. Boys who try to impress girls by showing off how many girls they have, it's a big turn off.

If the person I like – likes me and he considers to be with me, I will want him to think about it again. Is he really loves me or just finding a way to heal his loneliness syndrome. If he is sure about his feeling and I am sure about mine. Well, there is no wrong to be together! If I have a boyfriend, I'll definitely set some boundaries with male friends. (Because sometimes I get pretty close with my male friends) And if I'm closed to other guy beside my boyfriend(while i'm and that guy only has FRIEND relationship) a sly fox will try to break my love relationship and spread the fuss all over the school that I'm a player.. 
If I love somebody, I want to love him with my whole heart and half of my heart.

I don't desire to have many admirers, I just want someone to care me with his whole heart and willing to tolerate my flaws. I want someone who I can share everything with, my happiness, my sorrows, my thoughts and all. It's not that we won't fight, we sometimes fight, but in the end we realize that each other's company is far more important that arguing who is right. He need not to be perfect but just perfect for me, like a sponge that absorbs all my shortcomings. He doesn't have to be handsome, I am not pretty either, he is good-looking to me and I am beautiful to him, that's enough. What I want is simple, I am his and he is mine.

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