Puoi solo dire,che piu ti fa soffrire,piu ancora l'amerai*

*And you'll know for sure is the more he makes you suffer, the more you find you love him

Everyday my heart aches for no reason
Everyday my mind is nothing but you
This feeling I've never known before

Your breath
Your smile
Your laugh
Your words
Every part of you drive me crazy

Your name echoes in my head

You make my world spins
faster, faster and faste
You're in control of my heart
Everything you do make me weak

If  I could wish upon a star
I would make you mine
I would keep you stay in my arms

I realize how painful it is
Surrendering my dream of you
Ignoring this feeling
Resisting my longing
Erasing these memory of you
How hard it is to be done

#I made this poem on my own =3

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