it hurts...inside

Aku nggak sengaja nemuin kata-kata ini diblog

Mending kalian baca deh, pasti suka...
Cuman rasanya nih kata-kata HANYA COCOK untuk para cewek

i can't tell to the world that i miss you so much. now we've respectively. you with her, and i'm with him. although i know you'll never love me again. and also me, i will never love you again. hmmm.... maybe.
i don't know what should i say. i'm confused. confused with this feelings. this feeling is kill me! it makes me remind all about you. including our memories that we had at the past. i miss the way you are. i miss you so badly. damn! i wish you were here!
well, only me and God who knows about my feelings right now. bye! :')

Bagus kan? Apa kubilang....

cocok buat para cewek yang habis diputusin, di


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